49 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 3-21

      1. along the river, across a large bridge, along the beach and out on the northwall, which juts into the sea … often see dolphins surfing there but it was just very large waves this time 🙂

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  1. What a gorgeous moment of contrasts, the cold ephemeral snow against the timeless beauty of a warm golden sunset. Your walks always take you to the most beautiful places Rupali, and we benefit 😀
    Just guessing, but maybe i have seen pictures of this path in some post before, trying to think which one… I checked now, was it the Jan 7 th post?
    And I realised, I missed so many more gorgeous posts in between ☹️, like that beautiful butterfly on the pink 🌺

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    1. Thanks for being kind Rahul.

      I share my hobby on WP and I am contended with the response I receive on this platform. I wish to keep low profile. Sorry but I hope you do understand.

      I am sure you will find better photographers and travelers for your channel. I wish you all the success.


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