33 thoughts on “Be comfortable with what you choose

  1. Beautiful photo, especially with the snow! Our house is a small, 2 story and is a celery green color. I love it! I feel it is fun and energetic. And I like the advice – to be comfortable with what you choose. And I would add to be grateful, as well. Enjoy your day!

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  2. Clearly comfortable with that striking green, certainly stands out 🙂 In the southern half of the state where I live many comment on the fact that every country town seems to have some version of a purple or violet coloured house, it seems to have been a thing.

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    1. Thanks a lot and nice observation Paul. It is true here as well. Though most of the houses are off-white, black or brown, some dull shades there are some with striking shades. I am thank ful to the owners as they add little colour to the surroundings.

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