65 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 7-21

  1. Really gorgeous! Something about that sun looks warm (If it’s a recent photo I know I’m wrong there) but it makes me really miss feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. Especially today as yet more snow falls. Thanks to the heavy snow falling and our height I can pretty much only see snow above and below. No cars, no buildings, no trees, no roads, no humans.

    Is it June yet?

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    1. You are right Todd. It’s an old photo. I knew I wouldn’t get enough time for WP as I was in office last week. I decided to create a couple of scheduled post.

      Our snow is melting fast. It’s so strange last Saturday it was -15 and yesterday it was +5 degree C. Looking forward to spring but I guess it’s bit early.

      Enjoy Sunday.

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  2. Wow! Beautiful picture! Whenever I see a sunset like this I remember a small village by Brahmaputra where I frequently stayed during my school days. We used to go by dinghy boats of fishermen and saw river dolphins all around us.

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      1. It was very demanding for some time now Rupali, a bit lighter just now. I did heed your earlier advice and go cycling almost every day, and try to sit outdoors for work whenever possible 🙂

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