Substantial Seagull


Lens artists photo challenge

Sunday stills

Some of the articles which I found relevant:

  1. Should We Be Feeding Birds and Other Wildlife?
  2. Observations at backyard bird feeders influence the emotions and actions of people that feed birds
  3. When to feed garden birds
  4. Bird feeding: concerns raised over benefit to UK birds

39 thoughts on “Substantial Seagull

  1. Great way to raise consciousness about these matters Rupali … I saw a documentary on turtles last night and will not launch another balloon into the atmosphere again! Once they hit a certain altitude they shred and fall to earth/ocean to be consumed by wildlife 😦

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    1. I am afraid I have no idea of what it was but he was alive later. Usually families with young children feed the seagulls and other birds with bread but what we see in beak doesn’t look like a piece of bread.

      Thanks Tina.


  2. Oh! I hope that seagull didn’t choke with that huge mouthful. Those articles are enlightening Rupali. I was toying with the idea of putting up bird feeders, more for possibilities to see birds up close and photograph maybe, I confess 🙂 but now not so sure anymore. Anyway in these places there is a lot of natural food for the birds I think.
    I read about putting out water baths for birds during our summer, I would do that nevertheless I think.

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