38 thoughts on “Basic condition for Happiness is Freedom

  1. Freedom is partly true for the happiness in us. But I believe there are other factors. Good health for one… ask a person with MS or cancer or any other disease, and they will vouch for good health. Security is another basic fact for happiness in my humble opinion. Not security of money which is okay in and of itself, but the security that one has a place of his own and is able to move around with self respect and dignity, regardless if he is a janitor at the school or an educator. Please know I am not critical, but just felt like voicing my opinion.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Zakiahji. I love hearing various thoughts and is one of the reason I am on WP.

      You are absolutely right about factors you mentioned but having every thing in life doesn’t guarantee happiness. For me happiness consists of the small pleasures of day to day life.
      I have seen critically ill cancer patients enjoying good moments. I have witnessed one of the most beautiful smile on face of a very poor vendor selling home grown vegetables in a weekly bazar. One can find a lot of reasons to be happy if one decides.

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