43 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 14-21

    1. No they are not tulips. She had to be kneeling on the grass to get such a close up of these beautiful buds about to bloom. Great capture, no? We have grounds covered with violets and the purple of their petals is so refreshing after the days of snow. I am not sure if they are violets. The leaves do not resemble those of violets.

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      1. Oh thank you! And yes, it’s so beautifully captured, and the flowers are so wonderfully coloured. I can only imagine the beauty of the ground covered with these violet and purple shades – which you describe.
        I just checked and Google things these are crocus, would you know if that’s possibly correct?

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    2. I did think of crocuses, but the crocuses we have here have thicker leaves with a white strip that runs down the center. Rupali says they are crocuses also. They must be native to Norway. If you happen to go to my page on WP, or face book, you will see the crocuses in the garden and the difference in the leaves.
      zakiah ali on facebook.

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  1. Such a striking photo Rupali. I have not seen spear shaped lavender flowers here. If they are, I have missed them. Obviously they are wild, the way you have captured them. Heather?? Beautiful and elegant in their stance!

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      1. I did think of crocuses (wild) but the leaves didn’t look like the ones i have here in my garden. I can just imagine how beautiful the purple carpet of crocuses would look in a meadow.

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