69 thoughts on “Fresh snow was served for breakfast

  1. And we are scraping stale snow from the freezer onto our palms for relief 😃
    Great photos as usual Rupali, keep making more winter wonderland photos. What would be an apt quote? Definitely not ” making hay while the sun shines” 😛

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    • Yes exactly…. and even my husband had no objection in going out for a short walk at 7:30 am 😂. Shall i say blessings from heaven 🙏

      Have a fantastic Sunday you trio.


  2. Every year when the snow falls, I cannot get over its pristine beauty and how it fills my heart with happiness. I love seeing fresh fallen snow. I too take tons of photos and every so often when I look at them, I have such a smile on my face.
    Rupali, the images are beautiful and show such peace.

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