Weekend 119: A fresh breeze is good for us

We were back on our favourite tour. Moderate temperature between 5 to 10 degrees and visiting clouds helped us to keep hiking. We managed to walk 11 km with an ascent of about 576 metres in 3 hours before lunch. We could not go futher due to ice on the top.

Spring flowers are scarcely blooming and mostly on the sunny side of the valley. Though almost every survivng plant/tree showcase lovely buds.

We saw a batch of beautiful purple wild flowers, Genus Hepatica, perennials Chionodoxa (Scilla) in the buttercup family growing along the roadside. It looks like flowers were waiting for some sunshine. Jude has corrected the name of these flowers.


Jo’s Monday Walk

Stay safe and be kind.

56 thoughts on “Weekend 119: A fresh breeze is good for us

    1. OMG rhododendrons and the azaleas in our part are getting ready but we still have some time to see the full bloom at least in my area. I saw some light pink rhododendrons while walking.

      How much I miss my visit to Arboretum. Sigh

      Thanks Zakiahji.

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  1. Hiking in the snow is challenging! Love the spring blooms, but I think the purple flowers are Chionodoxa (Scilla) not Hepatica. I have some in my own garden. They are also called ‘Glory of the Snow’ which in this case is very appropriate.

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    1. Dear Kamal, did you and your husband get vaccine? If not. Please ask your daughter to check this news.
      “The vaccination centre, in Dadar, Mumbai is Maharashtra’s first drive-in centre, and the service is only for the senior citizens and people with disabilities”. 🙏


      1. Thanks a lot dear Rupali. Yes today my husband and me went to Nanavati Hospital and got the vaccine as it was available there. We checked at Dadar too but the thing is that there are so big lines and the waiting time is four to five hours and so many people that even if we do not have Covid because of the proximity people are getting covid. So she found out for us and so took our first vaccine of Covidshield. Now she, her husband and my son will go in a day or two once the vaccines are available.

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      2. I am so glad that I even told my husband 😊. I can literally do hushha (in marathi gavthi style). Take care dear.
        Hope your kids will get it soon too. I read Maharashtra has got more doses now.


      3. Thank you so much my dear friend and in our parsi gujarati I will say chalo majenu badhu paar thai gayu. Ya Maharashtra and many hospitals have been given the doses of both covidshield and cowaxin but the only hitch is long lines and my husband was operated twice last year for his hip bone replacement so he cannot be waiting for hours so somehow knowing someone in Nanavati Hospital at least we went and took the first vaccine now to wait for 4 to 6 weeks for the second doze. My daughter was saying another great wave is going to come in the month of October and this time it may affect groups from 18 to 45 so therefore they too are going this week and finishing off their first vaccine. Love and light to you both. Badhu majanu thai jase. God bless.

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