Random 16: Optional

Childhood game.

Agree and disagree.

Disagree and agree

was simple and fun.

Being in adulthood

for a long period.

Things are twisted.

Minds get rigid.

Ideas are fixed.

Windows are

tightly shut.

Agree – disagree

is not fun any more.

Friends mock others.

For being liberal.

For being kind to others.

Being rationale.

And most of all

for opposing

the fake image

of nationalism.

Staying and suffering

was optional.

The weight of

fake friendships was


She chose freedom.

Now question is

Will she be happy?


Be kind

29 thoughts on “Random 16: Optional

  1. Your photo is beautiful, and your poem wise and timely.
    Yes, helping others should be a normal part of each day. So many people in so many places have done such a good job of this during this past year. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. A beautiful and profound poem, Rupali. Those were the days when as children everything was true and lovely. There are many who have lend a helping hand and that is good. Hope our situation in India starts improving. Mumbai and Pune are pretty good. Let’s hope other states too get cured.

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      1. To break the chain of virus spreading lockdown is needed. It is really tough time for all but most for those who earn their bread on daily basis or have temporary jobs.


    1. Problem is stopping the spread seems a lesser priority than saving face in current situation especially in India. Not wearing a mask in public places, holding rallies/gathering is “wrong”.
      I agree with tribalism but there are many who do not belong to any group but they support individuals doing proper job.
      Thanks for commenting, Hal.

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