47 thoughts on “Random 20: Blossoming

  1. निसर्गाचं सौंदर्य म्हणजे रंग अन थरथरत्या पाकळ्यातील नाद म्हणजे सुगंध यापेक्षा फुलांची आणखी कोणती व्याख्या होईल. अगदी फुलासारखं स्वतःला जप.

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    1. Thanks Deb. It’s a wonderful period when one can spend quite some hours in gardening. I am so glad to see buds on my perennials. Fingers crossed.

      Hope you all are doing great too. Take care.


      1. The surgeries went very well. My vision is good. I had my first follow up on Friday, and the next two follow ups will be on the next two Fridays. Thank you for your concern and kind words dear heart. Lots of love and hugs.

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