37 thoughts on “Desserts with edible flowers look exquisite

    1. It took me some time to develope the taste but I can have it sometimes. Like peanut butter and jam sandwiches in the US, Norwegians enjoy brunost and jam on a slice of bread 😊

      The taste is similar to our brown bhuna hua pedha which contains less sugar and more solid khoya.
      Hope you are enjoying colours in your garden with improved vision.

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      1. I wondered about that after i posted my comment. I think mother used to get the colostrum from the cows’ milk and make some kind of dessert, and would say that it was very healthy. My brother and i would have a fit when we were forced to eat it.
        Yes the vision is good, not that it was very bad to begin with, but because the cataract was beginning to mature, he thought it was a good time to take care of it. I cannot wait to use an eye liner. Right now my eyes look tiny like chicken eyes!
        Love and hugs.

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      2. Oh yes. I do remember colostrum. A kind of pudding was made by steaming colostrum with sugar and cardamom powder in my part of the world. It tastes quite special and not everyone likes it.

        Brunost tastes different 😀 Wow eye liner. One day my dear Zakiahji.


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