Random 21: Trickle

A new adventure.

Container gardening.

Dirty hands.

A happy soul.

Leaf bud emerging.

Showing hope.

Tendrils trickle gently.

Stabalise the “not so” tiny plants.

Climb for support.

Each new day shows the essence of our bonding.

We are growing together 😊


A beautiful deciduous Azalea Soir de Paris, my most delicate and scented purplish pink flowers with an orange blotch and darker lines are blooming happily. We enjoy the scent even on the terrace. Life is beautiful 😊

44 thoughts on “Random 21: Trickle

  1. WOW! Your garden is looking fresh and good 👏
    What is the plant in the first picture?
    We try to grow fragrant flowers, but not having much luck right now. The pumpkin flowers are growing rapidly though 😀

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    1. Hahahha…. the simplest one to grow “cucumber”. I have planted a couple of pumkin seeds. Let’s see what happens to them 😀
      I am no expert in this but have your tried desi gulab? May be it will survive and thrive.


  2. Lovely and I can easily understand your enjoyment. When I lived in London I used to grow veggies in containers in my little garden. I loved it. Now we have a bigger garden here and lots of work to keep it well. It is so enjoyable working in the garden.

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  3. Wonderful photos and poem! You’ve captured the joy of gardening!
    Be it a huge space or a small space…or in pots, planters, or wooden boxes…it’s so healthy to grow plants, flowers, food! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…We’ve always enjoyed having a garden! BTW, eons in graduate school when living in a small 2nd story apartment in San Francisco, we grew tomatoes on our small balcony! Such fun! So yummy! 🙂

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    1. It’s such a joy and quite addictive activity. My husband thinks I give more attention to my plants than him 😂😂😂 But you see they enver argue 🤣

      I can imagine the joy of eating self harvested tomatoes ❤

      Thanks dear Carolyn.

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