63 thoughts on “Random 22: Perspective

    • Yes if it was only for the photo but we were glad with more clouds and light breeze on the mountain. This picture was taken 600m above sea level. Saturday was well spent with home chorus and gardening leaving not so much time for hiking. It rained for most of the morinng yesterday and at one point I started to worry. Thank God we managed to go out in the afternoon.

      Thanks kindly Zakiahji.🙏

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    • धन्यवाद मुकुंदजी.
      खरेच आहे. आम्ही मोठ्या सुखाची अपेक्षा करीत बसतो आणि आनंदाचे क्षण निसटून जातात.
      आयुष्यात सुखाचे क्षण असतात पण आम्हाला ते दिसतात नाही कर दृष्टी दूरवर असते.

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      • We have had some pre monsoon showers since last couple of weeks and expect monsoon within the next few days.
        We had plans to visit the Western ghats, Lonavala and all this monsoon, plus some mango sampling at Ratnagiri, but all plans ruined by covid. Maybe next year 🙂

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