Random 24: Illusion

Do I have a lensball?

Do I have a macro lens?

Do I have a tripod?


Is my photo perfect?


A decent shot

makes me happy.

Perfection is an illusion.

Let’s rejoice in little achievements.


माँ ने इक उम्र पति के ऐबों को छुपाते गुज़ार दी,

बेटियाँ अपना पति अपने पिता की तरह “perfect” नहीं,

इस एहसास-ए-कमतरी में गुज़ार रही हैं।

– रुपाली


P.S. This morning I saw water droplets at the end of the pothos leaves, which is also called guttation. That happens through water glands or hydathodes on the tip of the pothos leaf, which release the water.

64 thoughts on “Random 24: Illusion

  1. Well, I think this photo IS perfection! It does remind us how important and awesome the little things can be! And it reminds us to slow down and if we do we will see the important things!
    Oh! To see the world in a drop of water brings awe and smiles! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. कुणीच एकसारखा किंवा परफेक्ट नसतो. पण मनाची समजूत तुम्हाला त्याचं अस्तित्व पटवून देत असते. अगदी पाण्याच्या थेंबासारखं…

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