61 thoughts on “Art in reflection 21

  1. What an amazing building! And your photo of it is fabulous! The silver…the reflections! Wowza! 🙂
    Such a wise important quote by Rumi! His poems and quotes have often taught me, comforted me, challenged me, helped me, brought me joy and so much more!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    1. Thanks Deb. The Atomium is 334.6 ft. high; the spheres have a diameter of 59.0 ft. The distance between the spheres, measured on the sides of the cube, is 95.1 ft; the diameter of the tubes is 9.8 ft. The diagonal tubes are 75.4 ft long and of 10.8 ft diameter.

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      1. Enjoy some relief from heat.

        Jut the other day while on our usual hiking trip we thought about having ice cream after going back home and then my husband remembered his visits to the Jai Hind cold drink house at Nana Chowk. Those were the days 😊

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      2. Yes that was my favourite place too just outside our Sleater Road on Nana Chowk and as children my parents would take us almost every two weeks to eat their ice-creams. Those were the days, Rupali. My children have never seen Jai Hind nor B. Merwan and mava cakes.

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      3. Oh yes I heard it was closed long ago when my husband was quite young. I have tasted mava cake from Mervan opposite to Grant Rd railway station but the owner might have changed by then.


      4. We were actually quite regular visiting every 6 months until December 2019. Let’s see when we get chance to visit our nostalgic places. Thanks dear Kamal.


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