28 thoughts on “What’s in a name

      1. From the name I realised that they call it carnation here. Ordered on Amazon Rupali, on Amazon ordering experience is always smooth, rest is unknown at this point 😊. I also ordered some morning glories with it.
        Actually this is the first time i will try to grow plants from seeds, so I need lots of luck 😀. I always take short cuts and buy saplings from the nursery, but that proves very expensive.

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      2. That’s wonderful. I wish you success and wonderful moments in this new adventure. I am sure your daughter is gonna love it.

        I see cucumbers on my plants now 😊. Other vines are slowly growing. Chilli, pumpkin and butternut squash seeds are not the shop bought. I dried them at home and hence not sure about the results 😊.

        I remember throwing passion fruit seeds in our garden in India and they not only survived but spreaded over a couple of mango, jackfruit and other trees producing tons of passion fruits which were happily distributed among neighbours, family and friends. Those were days.

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      3. This is so inspiring! We had a vine of passion fruit, but it never grew much healthy.
        Getting my daughter interested in gardening is a dream, I think I will start by buying her some small gardening tools 😊

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  1. venzvox

    What a beautiful building! Your choice of using black and white, and photographing it at night really enhances the fabulous architecture and gives it an air of timelessness. Thank you.

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