Random 34: Do you see what I see

This can only happen in Norway


The other day I saw the prime minister of Norway sitting in a cafe at an airport, waiting for her flight. And if you believe me not many were paying attention.

Six Word Saturday


Last week was a busy week as I was in office.

36 thoughts on “Random 34: Do you see what I see

  1. lol good one! I saw your king at the skiing years ago. But better still I shared an overnight railway sleeper travelling north of Delhi with your previous PM. He and his assistant who didn’t engage in any way … and I had booked a women’s sleeper 🙂

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    1. Strange that I do not see my own reply, did you see it? My husband asked about the name of the PM and so I thought of checking your reply. I don’t know where my reply to comment is gone. 😢

      We were wondering about which of our PM travelled by Indian railways. It must be long ago 😊? Also Once my husband travelled with the king here and didn’t notice until on landing when air hostess asked passengers to follow the protocol and let the king get down first 😊.

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      1. No I was wondering that you didn’t reply, most unusual … Dr M Singh. The whole experience was quite weird … they boarded with many men in brown uniforms escorting them. He and body guard took off their fake turbans did loads of stuff on their computers then went to sleep. My thought was a university professor but they left the train in Punjab and a pushy reporter wanted to ask questions I couldn’t answer … that’s how I found out he was your PM. Probably why he took a ‘women’s’ area thinking I wouldn’t know … and I didn’t!

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      1. Funny article! Glad they all got through, but I personally find it repellent the governments are mandating the vaccines. I’m not an anit-vaccer, but just feel it should be like any other vaccine. No one asks me about DPT or polio. Very sad, I believe it is preparing us for a different kind of ID that is yet to come. That has been, and will be, on my blog, again.


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