Help: Name the flower

Recently I got these beautiful flowers in my garden. The plant is about a foot high. I sowed or rather spreaded a packet of mix flower seeds a couple of months ago. I was doubtful as got them in a super market quite cheap.



68 thoughts on “Help: Name the flower

  1. I believe it is the Straw daisies. We used to have them up in the mountains in Kodiakanal South India. They were mostly yellow in color. The petals were crisp and felt like straw. I have grown them here in the US also. And they were pink like yours. They last for ever.

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  2. Mimfilip was close, but Laurie and Zachia win the prize! They are most likely Straw Daisies or Paper Daisies, but there are thousands of genera named “daisies” so there could be a LOT of other valid guesses.
    “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet 😉

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