32 thoughts on “Is bread ok for wild birds

  1. They will not die because they have eaten bread. When ever I am at the beach, i take a loaf of bread and feed the gulls. They love it. I wouldn’t feed the cardinals, finches or the wrens in my garden with bread though , or even raw rice. BUT, my friend in London, she throws rice out for the birds on her back veranda and the birds eat that with gusto there.
    I liked the way you captured the bird with the bread in the mouth. I should post some of my pictures from the beach when they wait for me to give them the bread.

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  2. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t feed birds with bread as it upsets their digestive system…maybe it’s the yeast ?? I buy bird feed to put in the garden, but I’m sure there are probably other foods we can share with them, like fruit perhaps.🐦🔆

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