Macro Monday 5-22

Happiness never lasts long.

One seeks it every moment.


ख़ुशी के छोटे या बड़े होने से उसकी मीयाद नहीं बदलती। 

दिल हर लम्हा नयी ख़ुशी चाहता है। 



54 thoughts on “Macro Monday 5-22

      1. grim I hear, we have mandatory check in for every store, office, etc we enter … and every single time I get warned I was there with an active covid case! My guess is the govt is hedging all bets, and just love whipping up the fear. I can’t buy into it but sadly too many do, so most ppl are still in isolation 😦

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      2. Take care Kate. Cases are sky high here and hard to pedict what will happen next time when we visit a shop and then there are some over smart people who never use a mask. Moreover it’s not in the culture here to point out.

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      3. I do believe we should have a choice re vax and masks and check ins, but our country has become a dictatorship! My understanding that if our mask is on we are safe and that’s what really matters 🙂

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  2. Hi, again, Rupali –
    I forgot to tell you that I share your interest for macro photography! Unfortunately there is no particular catalogue for such pictures at my blog, but – such pictures may be tagged with the word ‘macro’. On my front page you will be able to find a small window (a bit towards the right)?
    Please try to insert the word ‘macro’ and hit the enter button? If things works the way they are supposed to, you may be presented to many such pictures?

    It sounds as if you have some slight problems with modern cameras in the cold? Please note
    that all my pictures shot during 2019 – 22 have been shot with a modern from Leica, thus always warm and ready resting in my pocket! 🙂 In 9 out of 10 times it works like


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