Random 69: Emotional influence

Excessive emotions obscure the vision.

A calm mind helps you make better decisions.

आँखों में नमी हो या जज़्बात का बहाव,

कुछ पल ठहरो फिर सफर करना। 



We have continuous snow fall from yesterday evening. It looks beautiful but walking is quite an exercise. Under the fresh snow there is a layer of hard ice. Taking pictures with a camera while holding an umbrella was difficult. I do not have plastic cover for the camera. Yes and I forgot to mention my mittens 🙂. Anyways I am happy with what I got. Hope you like them too.


54 thoughts on “Random 69: Emotional influence

  1. We are going through that now. We already had ice all last week, and it was finally beginning to get better. Today the snow starts, and will last till Thursday.
    Beautiful photos Rupali. Keep your mittens in your coat pockets.

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  2. Your photos are beautiful, but I find it difficult to understand your enthusiasm for the snow and cold, since as a family you came from a hot country, even if a generation ago. I came from Poland
    and having wonderfully mild weather here in the UK, with roses flowering at Christmas in my garden was a blessing as I hate cold.


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  4. The thought is extremely good of a calm mind helps to make better decisions . We might take decisions very quickly without being calm and then we realise later that the decision which we took would be more better if we were calm..
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