Random 71: Poignant


The more the gadgets,

the more the loneliness.


आधुनिक परिवार 

घर है, लोग हैं। 

सबकी अपनी खिड़कियाँ  और 

अपनी दीवारें  हैं। 



53 thoughts on “Random 71: Poignant

      1. Yes the house is ready and my daughter helped me a lot. My son will come with us with my maid servant and will stay for five six days and after settling us they will leave for Mumbai. Thanks Rupali and we are going to a nice society called Godrej Prana where everything is there and all facilities are there for us. Here at Grant Road there is a lot of chaos going on. Our olden days are all over.

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      2. I hear you dear Kamal. It must have been very chaotic at Grand Road area these days. I just felt that Mumbai and Pune are quite different and yes at the same time good societies are cosmopolitan and quite safe. I am sure you will make new friends in near future. In any case Mumbai is not that far 🙂 Cheers!


  1. Ultra

    Walls, a home is not a family. The family is made up of people. Gadgets are not a substitute for real contact with other people. You are a sensitive person, open to others. For me there is no snow anymore, but it blows cold and rain 🙂

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