Never take good weather for granted

Six Word Saturday – The title (😀)

These images were taken on the day when our beloved sun was shining. The weather forecast for today was “uvanlig kaldt” which means unusually cold. Temperature dropped down to 11 degree c as it is grey and cold with good amount of rain in past two days. Anyways, we have faith and hope actual summer days are approaching soon.

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend.


किस कदर बेख़बरी थी उसके रहते। 

आज कोई हमसे पूछे इंतजार किसे कहते हैं। 




34 thoughts on “Never take good weather for granted

  1. Today we start the first day of a hosepipe ban, so no watering of the garden, no washing the car (no problem there!), no washing windows (ditto!). Our reservoirs are drying up, water is so scarce that even in damp old England, we are short of that most essential for health. Of course our privatised water-boards could have done a lot more to fix the leaks, attend to drainage problems and stop pollution in our rivers but hey, there was money to be made.

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