The size of the supply vessel is 95 meters by 24 meters. Guess the size of the life boat

Everything has its opposite within it. Love can be very destructive if you mishandle it.
Pain can help you find ways to grow and change. Fear can eventually lead you to a path of hope.
~ Jay Woodman

Light and dark

Lens artists photo challenge


उसके सामने मेरा कोई वुजूद नहीं। 

पर मेरे बगैर उसका गुज़ारा नहीं। 


48 thoughts on “Opposites

  1. Ultra

    Everything is relative, it depends on where your eyes are coming from. I think the boat is a meter long.
    There is a need for love in man, but one also has to be guided by reason.

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  2. I love the words: Everything has it’s opposite within it. True isn’t it? And the ship was a perfect example to clarify it. I’ll bet the lifeboat is quite large, just doesn’t seem like it.

    And your Cairns were a great example for the prompt.

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  3. Hi Rupali,

    These pictures are interesting.

    When you see things closer, their features are clearer. You can touch & feel them. There are chances of interactions.

    At the top, from some distance — you expand your vision, feelings and soul. For example, a happy person can imagine a cloud smiling at him or her.

    And it’s important to be the light when everything goes dark.

    What’s the possible size of lifeboat here?
    Maybe 8 m. long and 5 m. wide. Tell me the real size.

    वजूद वाली बात सही कही है. मात्रा में एक गड़बड़ी है।

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