41 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 7-23

      1. We visited Norway in 1998 for the first time and decided not be back again. In a little less than a decade we were returned to stay here 😊
        I have always believed that it is our fate or say bread and butter which takes us to our place.

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      2. I’ve always enjoyed visiting Norway, but the cold and darkness of winter are not for me! After my first visit to India at 21 I told my mother it would be my home someday. The connection was strong 🙂


  1. It looks lovely there! We’ve had a weird winter here. Not so much snow. Some days really cold, a little snow and then back above freezing. Not a year for beautiful frozen vistas like yours. But if you like shades of grey and colour photos that look like they were taken in black and white then this is the place to be! 😀

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