Patience in life or photography means the same.

It can’t be forced.

Time in microseconds or days means the same.

It can’t be judged.

The wait is worth it.


धैर्य रखने का मतलब देर करना तो नहीं होता।

बात जिंदगी की हो या फोटोग्राफी की,

सजगता लाज़मी है।




I’d rather be…

Stay with friends!
Leave the artificial heating!
Be in nature!

The first picture was taken yesterday and the next two from my recent hike. As you see, it was freezing but I enjoyed every moment even when I had to slide on a slope. The trail was super steep and sliding was a safe option. The third photo is of frozen late. I learned that it is rather very hard and dangerous to walk on soft snow on a lake. I shall not dare next time.

I saw the Photo challenge on Wednesday late evening but instead on working on photo challenge on ‘Thursday and Friday, I did what I love doing 😀

Have a nice weekend!



Floral Friday 5/18

We all need some colours in our life. Here are some tulips from yesteryears.


Nurturing Thursday: Accept Others As They Are

For this week’s  Nurturing Thursday, I shall present what

Todd Ruthman said, ” It is the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but it is the little differences that make them interesting”.



Wordless Wednesday 8/2018



A tree and a leaf in Winter!

Indian Winter
Norwegian Winter

Here is my post for Cee’s fun foto challenge: Leaves and Trees 

I should have spent some time in picking up images but I am absolutely tired today. I was on a short hike after full day work. Though it was just 6 kms and height was 400m but still. Soon will post the fresh snow and frozen photos. For now hope you like the chosen ones.

Thanks Dahlia for inspiring me 🙂



लोगों का असहमत होना समझ में आता है।

बात तो खुद से सहमत होने की है।।



Above all listen to yourself.

Make it a habit.


Macro Monday 120318



The Dove Story on Sunday (Tree) – 8/2018



The dove story is caputred at Parque de Malaga also known as Paraue de le Alameda, a botanical garden right in city centre of Malaga. .This park was opened in 1897 and has some wonderful old trees. Doves and Parakeets have build their nests in tree hollows.

I was in Malaga (a city in south of Spain) for a long weekend trip. It’s  a very popular tourist destination for Scandinavian people due to the perfect location and weather conditions. The tourist season is yet to start and hence the flight was full of senior citizens but of course there were some exceptions 😀

I hope you like the tree and the story.