Floral Friday: Inside a poppy flower


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Nurturing Thursday: Look around :)


For Becca’s Nurturing Thursday

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Wordless Wednesday


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Revising post “Life is not all black and white”

Raj from XDrive has commented on my earlier submission based on a topic “Black and White“. Today I managed to improve my images according to what Raj has suggested. I hope I have understood what he wanted to convince.

Pic1: Beautiful landscape there! I can see the details of the sky which is also preserved nicely. Reflection is good too. The tree in the foreground also contributing to the scene. But I see lots of dark area in the picture. I would bring out the shadows and reduce the contrast a bit if needed. Basically, there are more blacks here.

Pic2: it’s very difficult to do a justice to a rose in black and white! It’s a great capture, I can see the fine details on the petals too. But picture overall is a bit underexposed. Also, the black background is making the picture look dark. You have to do the balancing of shades of grey carefully in post-processing.

Pic3: Since your intention is to show the statue, I feel you should have taken the closeup shot. Slower shutter speed also caused the softness to the image. Here the story is “mother and the son” other details are not required. Only need to have the sharp and closeup view of the statue.

Pic 5: Great shot and nice details everywhere. The picture looks sharp all around with the chosen aperture. As an improvement, you could try bit more contrast to the image?

Learning something new increases curiosity and later gives satisfaction. I am happy for now.

Comments are welcome. Help me learn more.

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कुत्ते की हर जरूरियात याद है उसे,


माँ-बाप का गठिया दिमाग से उतर जाता है।


*** यहाँ “कुत्ता” ये शब्द “मेटाफोर” है “स्टेटस सिंबल ” के लिए। ऐसे काफी लोग हैं जो अपने स्टेटस सिंबल को ज्यादा तवज्जों देते हैं।

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Playing with lenses

It’s time for a post on another session of learning photography. In his 11th lesson Raj discusses issues related to various lenses. It’s a very informative post and I was quite happy to learn about different lenses.

I own an entry level DSLR Nikon d3200 and have only two sets of lenses. One the kit lens 18-55mm and a zoom lens 55-300 mm. I am very glad that I bought this zoom lens as I travel a lot and also I enjoy taking birds photographs. Here I show the way I use my lenses in different situations.

The first picture was taken on our way to Marleshwar Shiva temple. I was glad that zoom lens was attached to the camera.


1/125 sec. f/5,6, 98mm, ISO 280

A note: One of the moeny is looking at prasad in a thin plastic bag which he snatched from a girl. A big challenge of dealing with monkeys near our temples from north to south in India. May be there is not enough food in forests now a days.

During our journey I saw these small red-yellow flowers. Most of the time they were hidden in heavy green vines but I managed to capture this one photo.


1/500 sec. f/5,6 300mm, ISO 200

The next shot of a sunset, I tried with zoom lens but it did not work (I am not sure of the reason). Within no time I changed the lens.


1/2000 sec. f/7,1 55mm, ISO 400

Next image was taken at Mandu. To capture wide angle image I used the kit lens.


1/400 sec. f/32 40mm, ISO 6400

Whenever I am out around lakes to captures birds. The zoom lens is a must. You see the result here “for a morsel of bread”


1/2000 sec. f/7,1 260mm, ISO 400

And lastly, for capturing the scenic beauty around Villa d’Este  in Tivoli, near Rome I used the kit lens.


1/250 sec. f/8 18mm, ISO 100

Time for your comments Raj!

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Sunday Trees!


Autumn Trees near Stockholm, Sweden. This post is inspired by Becca’s Sunday Trees theme.

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पास बैठे मैं दिल की कहती रही,

अचानक उन्होंने पूछा ये शोर कैसा है।


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Floral Friday


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