Macro Monday


Taken with iPhone 5.

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Weekend Special: It’s Autumn


Autumn is a second spring  when every leaf is a flower ~ Albert Camus

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Sunday Trees


Inspried by Becca’s Sunday Trees post.  What a coincidence we got today. She posted a picture taken at Japanese garden. I took these pictures in Japan at Tokyo Imperial Palace.


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हजारों साल पुरानी संस्कृति के बचाव हेतु,
हाथों में हमने पत्थर उठा लिए हैं,
बस हम न अपने दशरथ के राम हो सके
और न अपने राम के लक्ष्मण,
ये बात अलग है।

Hajaron sal purani sanskriti ke bachav hetu,

hatho mei hamne patthar utha liye hain,

bas ham na apne dashrath ke ram ho sake,

aur na apne ram ke lakshman,

ye baat alag hai.


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The World’s Biggest Pedestrian Crossing in Shibuya, Tokyo


For this week’s photo challenge I decided to share pictures of the world’s biggest and busiest pedestrian crossing in Shibuya district in Tokyo. According to some published figures during rush hours around 2500 people cross the streets at the same time 🙂

I am glad that for once I was part of this crowd and you believe or not but there was not a sinlge incidence of misbehaving. World needs to learn so many things from Japenese people.

You can watch from live camera the present situation 🙂  Soon it will be 4 am in Tokyo. How about watching it tomorrow around 6 pm Tokyo time?

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ऐसा क्यों होता है…

ऐसा क्यों होता है

चार दुकाने घूमने के बाद ख़रीदा अदरक छटाक भर,

घर आने पर, उसे धोने पर अहसास ये होता,

वो पांचवी दुकान जहाँ हम गए नहीं,

वहां का अदरक इससे अच्छा होगा।


(यहाँ अदरक मेटाफोर या रूपक है )

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Wordless Wednesday


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A window into food culture of Hong Kong

We reached our hotel «New World Millennium» as expected. The hospitlity in east Asia is incredible. The bellboy and front desk staff were very friendly. The first impression was good BUT the check in time was 1400 hrs. The best option was to take a few things with us and leave the rest in luggage room.  To surpirse us even more, we were told that our room was ready. Hurray!

post2_3By the time we got ready it was already 11:30. No time was wasted and we took a cab to a well known Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong called «Tim Ho Wan». I had read about queues and waiting time but luck was on our side and we got place to sit.

20171003_174015It was all packed and hardly any elbow room left. I found it even difficult to put my camera down. The table got filled with bamboo boxes containing our Dim Sum dishes. I preferred to enjoy meal over photography though took some photos so will give you idea about awesome dishes.

Soon after sitting at table we were given a menu card and a pencil to place our order, funny isn’t it. I took a quick photo just to share it with you.  Placing order is so easy just right the quantity and make a circle around it.

All the dishes were not known to us but the table mat has pictures on them to get basic idea about look and the main ingredients were mentioned in the menu. All set.




Check the links to know more Dim Sum.


My second post for WPC this week.

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Macro Monday


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Travelogue: Part1 – from Northern Europe to Hong Kong


Here is a series of posts on my Hong Kong and Tokyo trip. In each post I will exhibit a particular aspect of my travel. I hope you will enjoy them. At the end of each post will mention “Points to Remember” who knows they might help someone 🙂

Being a frequent flyer I prefer searching various details before hand and then plan my trips. It is always better to plan and book tickets in advance. If one likes and travel with particular airlines one can get emails on special offers and is possible take advantage of such schemes.  It is also a good choice to check the offer on hotels with airlines tickets.

Anyways this time we plan to travel with SAS (the Scandinavian airlines) as they have direct flight to Hong Kong and Tokyo. For our own comfort we did not book the basic economy tickets and were very glad as the travel time from Stockholm to Hong Kong was 10.5 hours. Also we were able to use the lounge facility at Arlanda airport. But such things are really personal.

The journey with SAS flight SK 963 was comfortable. Food was according to standards (I am not very fond of airline meals but I make sure to drink enough water). We were served dinner and later breakfast.  I like their blanket more than food.  I am going to try to get one such blanket during my next visit to India. There were many entertainment programs on board. Some popular movies and some new releases and even some TV serial episodes. I did not spend too much time on entertainment as relaxing was my main goal on that flight. Mission was very well accomplished. Still I managed to enjoy french movie Sage femme (2017).

The flight was on time and reached Hong Kong international airport at 7:20 am. Weather was good and after regular procedures at the airport we followed the signs carefully and reached the bus station outside the airport.

Towards Hotel: We were advised to book hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. There are plenty of hotels in Kowloon and in Hong Kong island. We took airport transport bus no. A21 to our hotel.

Following the available information/advice on internet we wanted to buy On-loan “Octopus card”, an electronic card which can be used on all public transports and even in convenience stores and some other places. The minimum possible amount on card is HK$150 of which 50 is deposit. Each time one travels the fare is deducted from the card.  The card can be reloaded according to the use. The octopus card service on bus station counter was closed and so we bought 1 way tickets. It costed HK$33 per person. It was the cheapest way to reach the hotel. We enjoyed our ride.

We stayed in New World Millennium hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Our room had spectacular view of Victoria Harbour. I am sure you will love the view as much as I did 🙂


Points to remember:

  1. If you are vegan make sure you place your order while booking SAS ticket as there was no default choice for vegan menu.
  2. Make sure you get local currency either at airport of departure or at least before you leave airport building. In our case, we took money at Arlanda airport, Stockholm. International credit cards are not accepted every where. On public transport either you pay exact amount in HK$ or use Octopus card.
  3. One can get back the balance on On-loan Octopus card at customer service counter on MTR (Mass transit railway) stations in Hong Kong or at airport express counter against a minimal fee. I would suggest that instead of waiting until last minute to get the refund and rush to the airport counter it is better if you get your balance back at customer counter on MTR stations in city as the queue at airport express counter is an important issue.  Just make sure to have exact change for your ticket back to the airport.

More posts coming soon!!!

PS: I have solved my pc problem from my side with a Jugaad. Hopefully tomorrow it will be back to normal again!

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