Life is not all black and white

I love black and white photography and love to watch work of others but for me it’s a very difficult task. I try to avoid. I tried to work on it in my earlier days and even particiapted in Leanne’s Monochrome theme but then I was not satisfied with my own work. In a way I gave up on that.

In the 10th lesson of learn photography series, Raj has discussed various issues related to black and white photography. I decided to give it a try.

I like to take pictures while travelling even though the conditions are not often supportive but then it is easy to get a black and white or at least a monochrome  photo during winter. HEre is my first photo taken on Monday while travelling. The blur tree is the proof.

1/320 sec. f/4,5 34mm, ISO 3200

I tried to work on flowers but could make it with only one rose. When the colour of petals and stamen are similar it is difficult to get a perfect balance of grey.

The second is the statue of mother with her dead son by Käthe Kollwitz taken in Berlin.  Tourist are not allowed to enter the room and respect it. I kept the space around the statue just to show the size of the room.

Next is a bright colour perfectly locked bicycle.

1/10 sec. f/5,6 55mm, ISO 100

The top and the roof.

1/40 sec. f/8 48mm, ISO 100

I took this picture for the bright colours and I don’t want to miss the fun by converting it to black and white. Would you like to turn it to black and white???

1/200 sec. f/8 45mm, ISO 100

Now it’s time to listen to Raj.