Photography composition: Fill the frame

This post is inspired by Brenda’s post on the same subject, “composition:fill the frame” and a post suggested by Brenda in her discussion, “fill the frame in your photography composition” by Wayne Turner.

Here are images according to my understanding.


In the beginning I was concentrating on one colour but later I included some background.



Walking around!

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk. -Raymond Inmon

The weather today was fantastic which insisted me take a stroll during lunch time. We clearly see spring signs. Instead of concentrating on distance covered I thoroughly enjoyed my time out in sun.

Mountains are covered with snow.
The boats, the houses and the trees.
Which way to go…
Early Rhododendron.
Standing still


Close up of a fly.
Early Iris
A different Rhododendron

Tomorrow we shall expect rain, snow and strong winds. No worries!

These are my entries for Jo’s Monday walk.

Nurturing Thursday: Learning

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo
My biology general knowledge is very limited. WordPress or to be precise my fellow bloggers have helped me learning about many new things. Few days ago I shared a photo in macro photography.  I had no information about this little beauty.  Mick Canning of My writings shared the name of the insect. It was “Burnett Moth”, til then I have never heard about it. Hurray I learned something.

This is a five-spot burnet moth.  Here are some images of moths.



A closer look!
Do you name it?
Is this a moth or a butterfly?

Some butterflies from archive (are they really butterflies 😀 )

How to distinguish between a moth and a butterfly:

  • Read:

This post is inspired by Becca’s Nurturing Thursday theme and Mick’s share your knowledge idea.

Macro Monday: 1/19


Usally I don’t check the camera setting but since I have asked to mention the same. Here is it: 1/1250 sek. f/5,6 300 mm. I didn’t want to disturb the fly hence it was taken from quite a distance and even then I had to crop the sides to make it better visible.

This image was taken in southern Italy.