Friday Fun!

Saying no to gelato in Florence is a sin 😀


Season’s Greeting!

Trust that everything happens for a reason, even when you are not wise enough to see it ~Opprah!

Due to various reasons I was not on wordpress for couple of days! And I missed Nurturing Thursday this week.

I hope my reader’s are doing good. In a day or two I will visit your blogs to check wonderful posts 🙂

I hope the hindu’s or even others who celebrated Diwali had good time with family, friends and sweets ( isn’t food one of the important part of any festival). Diwali days were during working days this year but hope you were in festive mood. Here is a picture from our pre-Diwali feast. A pie made from special (sour) Norwegian apples.


My first entry for this week’s photo challenge: glow

A window into food culture of Hong Kong

We reached our hotel «New World Millennium» as expected. The hospitlity in east Asia is incredible. The bellboy and front desk staff were very friendly. The first impression was good BUT the check in time was 1400 hrs. The best option was to take a few things with us and leave the rest in luggage room.  To surpirse us even more, we were told that our room was ready. Hurray!

post2_3By the time we got ready it was already 11:30. No time was wasted and we took a cab to a well known Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong called «Tim Ho Wan». I had read about queues and waiting time but luck was on our side and we got place to sit.

20171003_174015It was all packed and hardly any elbow room left. I found it even difficult to put my camera down. The table got filled with bamboo boxes containing our Dim Sum dishes. I preferred to enjoy meal over photography though took some photos so will give you idea about awesome dishes.

Soon after sitting at table we were given a menu card and a pencil to place our order, funny isn’t it. I took a quick photo just to share it with you.  Placing order is so easy just right the quantity and make a circle around it.

All the dishes were not known to us but the table mat has pictures on them to get basic idea about look and the main ingredients were mentioned in the menu. All set.




Check the links to know more Dim Sum.


My second post for WPC this week.