Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day

It was a perfect morning with sunshine and moderate temperature, 16 C. I decided to use my training time during office hours (trenning i arbeidstiden) to go for a hike on Mount Fløyen and to explore the surrounding area. I do not know if there is such provision in any other country but in Norway employees can get 2 hours per week for physical training during office hours. It is a very popular activity. As far as I see Norwegians are very health concious people when I compared with people in my home land. I have noticed that irrespective of educational and financial background people do go out and enjoy outdoor activites. Iam displaying 6 pictures taken this morning.

Just to make a note, the day was sunny in the morning now it is typical Bergen weather, cloudy and it might rain though not very much at least thats what the weather forecast says.