Weekend Special 23: A guilt free Sunday

I have always believed that exercise is the key not only to physical health but to peace of mind ~Nelson Mandela



As weather permitted I got chance to explore nature and had a nice mountain walk. I was able to hike upto 400m above sea level and covered a distance of little more than 7 km. I could not get more pictures as my mobile battery was completely discharged 😦  Anyways it was not a big deal. I enjoyed the tour.

Are you enjoying your Sunday?



The height between the two water levels is around 100m. Picture is taken today while I was walking up to mount Fløyen for training. As per rules we are allowed to have two hours training during working hours every week. I had a nice brisk walk.


Tuesday Trails or tracks or Roadways 31

A very typical scene these days on mountains in surrounding areas. We may say, it is due to the default weather setting “rain”. One has to be very careful while walking/hiking. Still i do hope you are able to figure out the trail in the picture.


The good part is if you are ready to take some pain and follow the signs you are rewarded by this scene after a careful but nice walk.


Every Tuesday I upload a picture of a trail or a track or a road. It is so much fun to take a walk and capture the track. Hope you enjoy it. If you like the idea please feel free to join.