For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, I am presenting a series of photos to illustrate my thoughts on “Cooling


Resting near a quiet beach is a bliss and even one can soak up much needed vitamin D.


Hmm! Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back 😀


Enjoying cool breeze around waterfalls during hiking in summer is fantastic.lensartist_17july18_5

Cooling is fine but “Life” is more precious. Tourists should never ignore the warning signs. The photo was taken at one of the most dangerous beaches in India.


Ancient ‘air-conditioning’ system:

Beautifully patterend cisterns and water channels were constructed on the terrace ( the photo is taken at palace built in  15th-century in central India). The cisterns, which were mainly used for bathing purposes, were also connected by intricate water channels. Rooms were bulit around these cisterns and used in summer. So cool!


Who said cooling is only needed in summer during heat wave.

Cooling effect after a full day ski!