Abstract photography : An experiment

Abstraction or Non representational imagery in photography is one of the most difficult concepts. After going through Brenda’s post “a photo study: abstract photography” and watching Ted Forbes’ video again and again. I tried abstraction myself.



Please help me improving my skills.

The rule of space!

I found Brenda’s post a photo study:rule of space very interesting. Posts related to various key concepts in photography are helping me understand  the theory of photography.

In her post Brenda talks about placing negative spaces in different situations to create sense of motion, activity or conclusion. Here is my contribution with photo deatils.

1.1/250 sec. f/8 18mm, ISO 100


2.1/160 sec. f/6.3 55mm, ISO 100


3.1/125 sec. f/5.6 55mm, ISO 280


4.1/125 sec. f/4 18mm, ISO 220


Have I managed to give a story in each of these images and create proper negative spaces? Is there something which is either unnecessary or lacking? Help me improving my knowledge.

Thank you.