Nurturing Thursday 85: Extra mile

On last Sunday I visited Ole Bull Museum Lysøen” in a small island. Before going into the museum we took a tour along the well marked trails on the island. There are thousands of trees. Walking along the trails was a pleasure. There I saw a very special dandelion plant with a nice fresh flower among the densely populated trees. In need of proper sunshine the plant has streched out on the ground. I was impressed and got idea for Becca’s “Nurturing Thursday” Theme.


Subseasons of Spring: Part3

Mother Nature is a great management Guru. She has a perfect plan to keep us busy and happy. She uses her resources wisely and put beauty around us in one way or the other. We need our senses to see, hear, smell and feel the beauty.

Since last two years I notice that all spring flowers do not come out at once. They share the piece of land and so they have their own small seasons ( a week or two) to bloom. Right time and right temperature and they are out smiling and leaning towars the sun.

So here is a series of pictures 🙂 .  The third in the series are the Scilla.


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1. Sundrop

2. Crocus