Nurturing or Interesting Thursday!

Instead of sharing a quote for Nurturing Thursday this week I would like to share a video which I found very interesting though I am not much familiar with J. Krishnamurti’s work.

I like to hear various thoughts/ideas about religion and it was so funny to find such talk during Diwali 😀

Nurturing Thursday: Line of thought

I always prefer to share positive quotes for “Nurturing Thursday” and my regular readers might have noticed it. We all have one or the other problem in our lives but our positive attitude and hard work help to overcome the difficult situations and make our lives better.

Earlier this week I came across a quote which upset me. I am sharing it with you. Since the quote relates to the past nothing much can be done unless we decide to play our part in society more rational in present days.

The quote is by Desmond Tutu:

“When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said “Let us pray.” We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.”

I can’t stay with neagativity for longer so I found this another quote by Desmond,

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”




Nurturing Thursday 127: Ring the bell of hope

I have faith in God and in humanity. Still when I see simple and kindhearted people (let us call this group as K ) suffering most of their lives in the name of fate I get confused and feel regretful.

Sometimes it is not even fault of K but unhappy events enter the life like a daily soap. The sufferers in our society usually believe in power of God/Nature and wait for their good time or justice. K tries to solve problems within the limited resources and feel joy in small things and life goes on. After a while K starts trusting anyone who speaks soft to them and show some support but a few clever and shrewd people use misfortune of K for their own profit turning life of K even more miserable and unbearable.

“Why life is not fair”? No other religion than hinduism believe in after life or life before life, so if we live only once, why life does not have same treatment for everyone? We believe in power of nature because we feel it, see it and experience it. Almost every process in nature follows a cycle then why there is no such rule for humans? Why some are previleged and others are not?  If by chance you meet God just for a second please convey him/her my questions and request him/her to be active. I guess He/She has been in hibernate mode for quite sometime. It is time to show good over evil.


Please include “K” in your prayes. Miracles should happen to every life in proportion of humanity in each soul. I hope faith shall remain in every heart with positive outcomes.

In response to Becca’s Nurturing Thursday.

Happy Vijayadashami/Dussehra


These  are Slovakian marigold/genda/jhendu flowers. Marigold flowers are a must to decorate temples/home/vehicles/work place in Dussehra celebration.

Dasha Hara is a Sanskrit word which means removal of ten bad qualities within you:

  • Ahankara* (Ego)
  • Amanavta* (Cruelty)
  • Anyaaya* (Injustice)
  • Kama vasana* (Lust)
  • Krodha* (Anger)
  • Lobha* (Greed)
  • Mada* (Over Pride)
  • Matsara* (Jealousy)
  • Moha* (Attachment)
  • Swartha* (Selfishness)

Hence, also known as *’Vijaydashami’* signifying *”Vijaya/Win”* over these ten bad qualities.

Source: Wiki!

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

Fantoft Stave Church:

The church was originally built in Fortun in Sogn, a village near inner or eastern end of Sognefjord around the year 1150and worked as a church for the little place at the foot of Fortun Sognefjellet until the end of the 1800s. The church was bought by consul Fredrik Georg Gade and saved by moving it in pieces to Fantoft near (now in) Bergen in 1883. Outside the church stands a stone cross from Tjora in Sola.


The gallery of three pictures present “Fantoft Stave Church” in Bergen, Norway from three different directions.  This is my contribution to this week’s photo challenge.