Monochrome Series 7



Sunday Trees – 14/2018

For Sunday trees this week, I am presenting two photos. The first one was taken on Friday while travelling. We see clear signs of spring these days but some lakes are still frozen. Mountains are still inviting ski enthusiast. Yes, it was absolute fun watching seasons collage.


When in Rome,…  It’s Sunday, no rain and temperature being on positive side so we decided to go on a short hike. We walked around 11 km on a hill with 12% inclined angle.


The peace and serenity on mountains is beyond words. One should know how to breathe in and out.

We met no one high on mountains but we did see a cyclist with a little dog on our way back and an old man (actually quite old) with walking sticks near the parking place.

I’d rather be…

Stay with friends!
Leave the artificial heating!
Be in nature!

The first picture was taken yesterday and the next two from my recent hike. As you see, it was freezing but I enjoyed every moment even when I had to slide on a slope. The trail was super steep and sliding was a safe option. The third photo is of frozen late. I learned that it is rather very hard and dangerous to walk on soft snow on a lake. I shall not dare next time.

I saw the Photo challenge on Wednesday late evening but instead on working on photo challenge on ‘Thursday and Friday, I did what I love doing 😀

Have a nice weekend!