Sunday Trees: Silhouette


You cannot do silhouettes in fantasy. Ah, no, you must be faithful. It is, the art, a, what you call, paradox. It is always that you must be simple, and then, if you are simple, you will stimulate the imagination of the observer.  ~Ugo Mochi

For Sunday Trees

Our default weather is back in action. It’s cold and rain from last night temperaure is around 11degree. Sigh!

सूर्यनारायणा नित्‌ नेमानं उगवा: Let there be light

nature_6dec14सूर्यनारायणा नित्‌ नेमानं उगवा
अंधाराच्या दारी थोडा उजेड पाठवा

ओंजळीनं भरू दे गा पाखरांच्या चोची
दु:खात पंखांना असो सावली मायेची…

ना. धों. महानोर