Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration “Pepperkakebyen”

The beautiful “pepperkakebyen” (in Norwegian) or “gingerbread city” is a community activity which I admire very much. A ginger bread city is created by Bergen municipality since 1991 during Christmas every year.

Almost all kindergardens and schools, many companies and thousands of families send their contribution for this event. Thousands of young and old people are involved in the activity. I have met families with young kids who plan their contribution in advance and it has become family tradition during Christmas. It is world’s largest and finest gingerbread city.


MM 2-40: Monochrome Madness


For more on Monochrome Madness, please visit Leanne Cole’s blog.

घर परतीच्या वाटेवरती धूसर धूसर धूळ उडे
अंधूक होते नजर आणखी थकलेले पाऊल अडे

घर परतीच्या वाटेवरती मलूल, वत्सल, सांज उन्हें
कुरवाळिती मज स्‍नेहभरानें विसरून माझे लाख गुन्हें

–शान्‍ता शेळके

December plan – Taking vacation

Travel brings power and love back to your life ~Rumi.

Soon will be on vacation. Will not get much time/access to shoot + process + upload pictures. Means participating in different challenges will be difficult and without satisfaction. Instead will schedule some posts ( try my best to do so) before hand. But I really hope that I will be able to check posts sporadically. At least that’s the plan for now  🙂