Creativity and Commitment

Please excuse me for tagging a few challenges to this post but you will soon find the reason. 🙂

For Nurturing Thursday, I would like to share this fantastic quote:

Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the           “right stuff” to turn our dreams into reality~ James P. Womack

Hurray it’s weekend and I am back on wordpress to relax. I had an extremely busy week with almost 10 -12 hours of brainstorming every day. Today I am satisfied and contended.   All are happy happy and hence the quote.

Be committed!

I visited a remarkable place in Pisa last week, called “Orto botanico di Pisa”, the Botanic Museum” one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world and world’s first academic/university botanical garden established in 1543 by naturalist Luca Ghini.

The garden has contained a gallery of natural objects (now Pisa’s Museo di Storia Naturale), a library (now part of the university library), and portraits of its directors throughout the centuries. It also includes one of the earliest iron-framed hothouses built in Italy.

Nature has always facinated humans and many  live a very creative life.  This is amazing how circa 400 hundred years ago someone thought about studying botany and sharing his knowledge with his pupils.  So many generations have benefited from his work and I am sure more will be inspired. Creativitiy at its best!


The botanical garden extends across three hectares and is home to plants from all over the world, including medicinal plants like foxgloves, aquatic plants, and centuries-old trees, such as a majestic magnolia and a ginkgo planted at the end of the 1700s and an enormous camphor tree planted in 1872.


The hand written notes and old printed books are very well preserved. There is so much information available for someone interested in botany. Also the outside gardens and green houses are well maintained.

Though it was warm and dry day in Pisa the wisteria flowers and various varieties of camellia flowers were in full bloom and spreading their fragrance all over the gardens.

Here are some clicks!

For lens-artists-photo-challenge the theme is creativity.

Last Friday for Friday Foto Fun,  the topic was libraries. Kate I hope you don’t mind this post.

On a funny note: when we were near Wisteria vines and Camellia trees my son asked if he could borrow the camera. Till today he didn’t ask about how the photos came up and now I feel that he is better with patients than camera 😉  but then some things are never to be said. Anyways, the above flower images were taken by me on my mobile!!!

For details on botanical garden:


Today, while travelling on snow covered mountains I got answer to a question, “what is sacred to me”.

Every man’s story is important, eternal and sacred. That is why every man, as long as he lives and fulfills the will of nature, is wondrous and worthy of every consideration ~ Hermann Hesse


My second entry to showcase wonders of April 😀

On the ground we have colourful Keukenhof in spring

And over the mountains it’s still the ski season.

P.S. Due to travelling, I was not active on wordpress today .

Weekend 75: Rain rain go away


The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn ~Bertrand Russell. 

A couple of weeks ago I hurt someone unknowingly and soon realized my fault and apologized but still the gulit is killing me. How come the situation sliped from my hands.  It was for sure my duty to handle things with great care.

How much time will it take to calm my soul?

I am travelling these days and would love to feel sunshine which for a reason is not on the menu for a while 🙂

Have a good weekend friends!

Looking around!

The squirrel on the run in Wordless Wednesday (!) was to express my situation. Though my desk has some unfinished tasks, I was on a 2 days seminar in a place called Solstrand hotel and bad. A 4 star hotel.

I donot want to share the details of seminar and bore you,  instead I am presenting the beauty of this magnificent place for lens-artists-photo-challenge this week. I grouped the photos in 2 broad categories: Surrounding and from inside.

The outlook
Reflection of fjord
From the door
The garden
Walking around


Who wouldn’t enjoy this seat

This place is a hideaway by the fjords, situated directly on the shore of Bjørnefjorden – a mere 30 km from downtown Bergen and the airport.


The swans

Set in sloping 50-hectare gardens on the shores of Fusafjorden, this polished hotel dating from 1896, have fascinated guests from far and near.

How does it look from inside 🙂

The dining area
The pool inside and outside
View from my room
My room

Every person in Solstrand was happy for the fantastic weather yesterday.  I am glad I took these photos yesterday. This morning it was a different scenario.