Random 63: Absurd


After receiving so much in life.

The genuinely missing pieces makes it absurd.



जिंदगी ने नेमतें यूं तो बेशुमार दी,

बस थाली में एक कटोरी हमेशा खाली रखी।  

Random 58: Beginning

If I am worth anything later, I am worth something now. For wheat is wheat, even if people think it is a grass in the beginning.~ Vincent van Gogh


Be like a rose.

Prune the dispensable.

Enjoy blooming.


खुद को कम ना समझे,

ये विधाता का अपमान होगा। 

अपनी रूचि जानिए,

और आगे बढिये। 


Random 57: Don’t hurry to judge


Pandemic put them together in a walking routine. They take a walk almost everyday irrespective of weather.


She: Awe, look, it’s so beautiful.

He: Oh yes.

She: Can you take a photo?

He: Don’t stop. Keep walking.


They keep walking…

A couple of days later.

Scenario 2:

She: What happened? Why did you stop?

He: Hold my gloves.

She: ” “.

He: The other day you wanted the photo, right? I can take it now.

She: Soon after the awe moment, she explained what frame she wants.

The result you see is taken by him for her. The other day temperature was -11 °C and today it’s -2 °C.

And life goes on.


छोटी छोटी बातों पे उदास ना हों और हर वक्त आकलन न करें। 


Random 29: Storage


Check the storage protocol,

more often.


the surplus.

Make room for

tiny productive details.

Pollinate happiness.

Don’t be a beast of burden.

Be(e) an architect.


Image taken in my garden.

Note: A bumblebee can visit (and help pollinate) 3,000 flowers a day.