Silent Sunday – Traces

Spring is around the corner

Be careful!

Knowingly unknowingly

Future carries traces of the past.


ज़िंदगी हर पल बदलती है,

दिन रात ।

पलों के बीच एक पुल है,

दृश्य अदृश्य। 

हर आने वाले पल पर 

जाने वाले पल के निशान 

छूट जाते हैं,

जाने अनजाने। 



Travelling to Verona, Italy in a week’s time. Any recommendations you may have are much appreciated.

Adding a little to ordinary moments

There isn’t any such thing as an ordinary life.~ L.M. Montgomery

After a break we resume our daily walks. Walking in fresh snow is such an activity. Just that taking care of umbrella, camera and mittens require skills which I should learn😊. The surrounding looks new every time we pass by. Taking pictures is an addiction but some spots needs our attention and an image is mandatory. First I thought of making these images monochrome but then decided to keep them as they are. Hope you like them.

Jos Monday Walk

Six Word Saturday