Nurturing Thursday 123: Life is fun


I like this quote very much. I feel it is true but I do love another quote which is more appropriate for the ones who cannot go where they wish to, by Katrina Mayer

A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair.

In any case reading helps in making our life great.

In response to Becca’s Nurturing Thusday

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Weekly Photo Challenges: Is it so easy being green in March!

My second entry for this week’s photo challenge. The picture is not very clear as it was taken during my travel yesterday but I guess it demonstrates my view. To get lush green pictures either have to wait some more weeks or  look into archives. I chose to display my surroundings in present times 🙂

In bright sunlight everything glows even the bare trees and the combination with blue is extraordinary.


To see my earlier entry please check the link

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring as I see it

In my first entry I will showcase spring as of now and will come another post with theme colour “green”.


Crocuses all over


Yellow crocuses


Early blooming Rhodendrons


Melting snow


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Wordless Wednesday


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: View from the Back, Bottom or Underneath

I am presenting a gallery of four images for Cee’s fun foto challenge this week.


Underneath a butterfly


Butterfly from back


A samba dancer


Back of a flower

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Tuesday Trails/Roads: 2-4

Who would like to take a stroll along a beautiful beach?  The sound of birds and splashing waves will remove the white noise of your life, will free your mind and help you in finding your true self.


Every Tuesday I upload a picture of a trail or a track or a road. It is so much fun to take a walk and capture the track. Hope you enjoy it. If you like the idea feel free to join.

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Minimal Monday 20- if it is!


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: View from the side

Workwise, this last week was an extremely busy week. I had no time for training during office hours ¹. The work demands persistence and expertise and leaves no chance for procastination. Anyways all went well and I am happy for that. Yesterday we were blessed with few hours of sunlight, I felt like it was God’s gift to me 🙂

I decided to visit different places in search of “Spring”.  The cherry on the top was walking around a lake watching this beautiful swan.

French artisit Paul Cezane has said, “art is a harmony parallel with nature”.  So, here is my entry for Cee’s theme  “View from the side


¹ yes you read it right, training during office hours. I have mentioned it in my earlier post and my regular readers would have noticed it. We are previleged to get two paid hours for training/physical activities during office hours. To know more about it and check photos, check the links given below.

My training time during office hours (trenning i arbeidstiden)

Mountain hiking on an ugly day in November


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Sunday Trees


Inspired by Becca’s Sunday Trees

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Untouched top


This is my second entry for this week’s WPC

You can find my first entry here

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