काफी अरसे  बाद लिखने की कोशिश…


बेगानों के दरवाजों तक छोड़ने आते हो,

अरे नादान

अपने दिल का दरवाज़ा तो खोल

थक गए हम लोगों के घरों तक जाते।।




Thursday Door & Synchronized logs


While travelling through the rural region, I came across this fantastic structure of an old barn. The walls were still strong though the door doesn’t look that old. Anyways, I like it and took this picture keeping in mind,  Norm’s “Thursday Door” theme.  Going a step forward I decided to use it for today’s “Daily Prompt” as well.

A lesson from history.

The beauty and stabiltiy of an old barn,

depends on synchronization of wooden logs.