Random 54: Hesitation

The Tree

The tree benefits us

in numerous ways.

The life was not easy

when she was standing.

Not even now

when she is lying.

She never complains.

Now she is waiting

for a gentle touch.

She wants to

pass on the stories.

The ones she is carrying whole her life.

Every mark,

every wrinkle,

every curve

was ready to break the silence.

I watched her for a while.

I appreciate her from a distance.


I hesitate to go near.

I hesitate to touch.

I hesitate to show love.

What was stopping me?

Why the reluctance?

Just beacuse she was not from my own garden.

Does it even matter?

Finally I touched her.

I caressed her.

I feel her pain.

We smiled at each other.

She knows she is not alone.

And yet she is now free.


It’s the season of giving back. Don’t hesitate, help others this holiday season and spread love.