Is Digital detox a new fad

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The reliance on digital technology has fuelled concerns from parents, teachers, governments and young people themselves that digital technologies and social media are exacerbating feelings of anxiety and depression, disturbing sleep patterns, leading to cyber-bullying and distorting body image. In response to these and other concerns, some
countries are taking action. Legislation prevents Korean children from playing online games that require a resident registration number between midnight and 6am without parental permission; while the Government of the United Kingdom is reviewing how social media affect children’s wellbeing, as well as how much screen time is healthy.

Schools should develop digital literacy, providing young people with digital skills to recognise risks such as cyber-bullying and excessive use of social media, as well as strengthening emotional resilience, empathy and reaching out. A systematic review of classroom-based body image programs found those which were effective were conducted
among younger adolescents and included activities focusing on media literacy, self-esteem and the influence of peers (Yager et al., 2013[30]). Resource : Children-and-Young-People-Mental-Health-in-the-Digital-Age

Effects of Social Media and Need for Digital Detox : APA’s Survey Finds Constantly Checking Electronic Devices Linked to Significant Stress for Most Americans. APA stands for American Psychological Association.

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Digital eye strain: prevalence, measurement and amelioration

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46 thoughts on “Is Digital detox a new fad

  1. We’ve been successful to reach new height of automation but the cost ~ Faded childhood, Lack of physical activity & virtual sessions, inability to express & exposure to violent community.
    Kids cares more about thinking “Micro-chipping” the brain topic much more than to give a helping hand to their folks.
    Limitation to these is now a necessity.

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  2. I hope so. I sat at a playground one day while some young kids were playing and clearly learning some milestones. I loved watching them and when I looked at the parents across from me, I realized phones were clearly more important.

    That said.. it IS a way of life. My daughter owns her own company and has to stay connected. The kids are young. She is still looking fir a balance and I think that is the key, finding a balance. Donna

    Great food for thought.

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  3. Sad and we see people like crazy on their mobiles and on computers whether small or adults. No one talks to anyone all are busy talking on their mobiles or seeing social media. Digital is the in thing too. My son too is working for a digital company. Nice post, Rupali.

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  4. I have often noted that “social media” is one of the most isolating tech developments of the century. We need to learn to turn our phones off regularly, and NOT go watch TV while it is off. Read a book, talk to your spouse and children, call a shut-in, visit your neighbors. MEET PEOPLE in real life and get to know each other. Thanx for this excellent reminder to Digitally Detoxify!

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  5. I think it is 😊 digital has reinforced it’s importance in so many beneficial ways, and I didn’t mean like the people you captured immersed in digital experience 😀
    We need to mature our ways though, many people would have harmed their eyes during the pandemic. The links you provided are helpful 👌

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  6. Excellent important info and good links. Thank you, Rupali!
    I always worry about children who’ve grown up with so many “screens”. Parents MUST create a balance for them so they get enough outdoor time (walks, play, gardening, sports, ETC), artistic time, chore/helping time, learning time, resting time, reading time, etc. It bothers me in a public place to see parents with their noses in their phones and their kids trying to get their attention. 😦
    Adults must lead by example.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  7. digital detox isn’t a “fad” anywhere I know of but it should be Compulsory … screens off at meal time, an hour before bed, etc and I’m meaning adults as well as youngster! People are losing the ability to have eye to eye contact and engage with others!

    Kids walking home together are texting each other when they are less than a meter away and should be talking …

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  8. Every generation has had something to be anxious about, about, books, magazines, unions, radio, travel, education, TV, computers, it won’t end. The wonderful photos that show people ignoring each other on trains and busses while reading newspapers is instructive. I’m totally opposed to regulation, and I wonder that we agonise over the morals (whose morals?) too much. Kids are part of the culture of the moment and I don’t believe there’s a separate perfect process for kids. I agree that education for usage is by far the best way.

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    1. Thanks for such intricate comment Paul. I donot think of morals but I feel if we are meeting people then we should be attentive to them unless it’s an urgent task. We miss a bit when the other party is more into online world.

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  9. I am reminded of a joke I recently read (on the phone, no less) – just finished a social media hiatus and putting down your phone and spending quality time with loved ones is more annoying than chilling on your phone 🙂
    On a more serious note, there should be personal boundaries set, for children I think parental guidance is one good form. For adults, it can vary widely as some people may be working with the mobile phone as their primary means of work.

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