Dramatic cityscapes of Hong Kong

I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went the world was on myside ~Unknown


Here I am walking on streets of Hong Kong- the main island and Kowloon to get the feel of this city with such dramatic and compact skyscapers.


Victoria peak is a tourist favourite place to capture the beautiful cityscape of Hong Kong. Sadly the occasional smog obscure the view.


Images taken while walking on streets.


This was my favourite spot to caputre skyscapes.

For Lens-artists-photo-challenge and Jo’s Monday walk.

Here I go again!


To begin our photography journey in year 2019, Amy has given a wonderful theme for Lens-Artists-Photo-Challenge this week. I decided to post just one photo today, hope you like this iphone image. I shall try to post a few photos from earlier travels but right now time is a big constraint.

I came back a week ago after 3 weeks stay in India ( can’t call it vacation as I travelled from one home to another). We had to cancel our vacation plans due to some emergency in our family.  Now I am back to work and in a few weeks time I shall be travelling again. Let’s see if I can manage to relax then.

This time will be heading to a far far west place, “California”. Any suggestions on do’s and donts in the region are most welcome.