Hindi poetry: सकारात्मक रहें

रविवार के लिए विचार …
(शब्द और चित्र मेरे हैं )

जिंदगी के काफ़ी सारे बोझ
ज़रा सी देर के लिए होते हैं
हमारे विचारों की गर्मी और सही कोशिश
इन्हे पिघला देती है।

पर न जाने क्यों
हम इनकी तरफ पीठ किये
बरसों बरस निराशा की
ठंड में इन्हें उठाये जाते हैं।


Nurturing Thursday 97: No two days are the same

There are bad days, also there are just bad bad days.

  • The weather is not so good these days.
  • My office has moved to a new place meaning increase in busyness.
  • Yesterday  Windows 10 was installed on my machine (forcefully). i would have love to work with Windows 7 but …
  • Could not install firefox.
  •   The new office is colder as compared to the old one, resulting i am getting bad cold.
  • Got headache right after my first 2 hours meeting this morning.
  • After lunch i found my computer was locked for some strange reasons.  It was almost impossible to get in touch with the specialist for long 3 hours.
  • At one point i deicided to take sick leave because of the headache which was very sharp then. Could not do that.
  •  Missed the bus back home by couple of seconds.
  • Forgot to drink or take water before leaving office. i need to drink water for health reasons otherwise might result in dizziness.
  • My headache, ear pain ( which comes along with cold) and acidity (result of three meeetings which messed up my lunch schedule)  were at peak when i reached home.

Now think how am i able to write this 🙂

i had few marie biscuits (my personal choice of antidote for acidity) as soon as I got home. After some time had a good cup of tea with homemade cherry preserve  on a slice of  bread. Then i decided to go out for some fresh air. Took a nice small walk. Things are going OK now. Hope to get a good night sleep.

I am glad that no two days are the same, tomorrow will be a better day 🙂

Here is a picture from archives just so we (i) feel good!


In response to Becca’s Nurturing Thursday!