Be(e) – A lady well-laden with pollen

Take time to observe,

natural phenomena.

A gentle reminder,

Nature is the master,

we are not.


When you see bees flitting about your garden, you might notice that some of them have orange or yellow clumps along their hind legs. Resembling tiny saddlebags, these bright spots of cargo are pollen baskets or corbiculae. These baskets are found in apid bees, including honey bees and bumblebees.

Pollen is loaded at the bottom of the pollen basket, so the pollen that has been pushed towards the top is from flowers the bumblebee visited earliest on her foraging trip. When a pollen basket is full it can weigh as much as 0.01 g and contain as much as 1,000,000 pollen grains. So for those of you who buy bee pollen to eat as a health supplement just think of the work that has gone into gathering it.




29 thoughts on “Be(e) – A lady well-laden with pollen

  1. Uh-oh! You spoiled my next Wordless Wednesday. I saw a bumble bee on some flowers in my front yard and took a couple of pics that look just like this, but the flowers are pink. Well, I’ll probably post anyway and let all the nay-sayers accuse me of plagiarizing your work! 😅

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  2. your poem says so much, great wisdom!

    Really appreciate the pic of pollen sacs and the science behind it, they sure are hard workers and we seldom give thought to all their efforts 🙂


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