Nurturing Thursday: Look around :)


For Becca’s Nurturing Thursday


She is Brave!


Autumn came very early in her life.

A question she asks her herself,

where is the spring gone?

There are millions of guys around the world

not just one suitable for her!

One day magic happens,

she realized she is far more lucky than millions of souls.

She does not find happiness. That’s true!

Yet can she be reason of someone’s happiness!

She is brave. She found her own light.

Be your own light!

My entry for today’s prompt

Nurturing Thursday: Treasure little moments of life

Lose not yourself in a far off time, seize the moment that is thine ~Friedrich Schiller



An incidence from a Med school-

In a lecture, one day epidemiology Professor discussed some published articles on cardiovascular diseases (diseases involved heart or blood vessels). There had been good discussion and the lecture was over. After the lecture student gathered near a young boy and asked him, ” by any chance is the first author related to you”? The boy who thought no one would have noticed, got a smile on his face. For a society where ones background is not usually discussed apart from being in a very close group this was an awe moment. So with a shy smile on his face he answered, “well … she is my mom”. The others smiled with wow on their faces. The day then continued as ususal.

Next day the boy told about the whole episode to his mom with the same lovely smile. It was not a big award but this small incidence put smiles on so many faces and it helped in mother-son bonding. It was one of the best moments for the mom as well, getting appreciated from your offspring is a rare event.

These little moments are real treasures :).  Enjoy small treasures in your life while you are busy solving “big” problems in life. This is my contribution to Becca’s 250th Nurturing Thursday.

P.S. The second part of incidence happened in my kitchen 🙂





मेरे द्वारा खींची तस्वीर के लिए कुछ शब्द-

काम के तो न हम कल थे, न आज हैं।

खुशमिजाजी यूं ही तो बरकरार नहीं रहती।


(ये तस्वीर मिनिमल (न्यूनतम – जिसमे आपका विषय कम से कम दिखयी दे )फोटोग्राफी दर्शाने के लिए खींची थी)


Weekend Special 41: Guilt-free

It was cloudy and raining on and off until yesterday. We decided to go for hiking in the morning as the skies were clear and temperature around 13 C. We had around 3 hours in hand of which we used 2:15.

A beautiful river. The near by glacier supplies non-stop water.
Walking into dense woods.
Wild plum trees along the road.
An abandoned barn.
Dried wild flowers. Nature is getting ready for Winter.
Looking back.

As I mentioned in my earlier post,  I donot have my camera with me and pictures were taken with Samsung s3. We covered distance of 8 km and walked upto height of 450 m above sea level. In the last leg the inclination was 12 %. We were tired but not exhausted. ( In last three days we have walked around 20 km 🙂 ).

Note: I forgot to take pictures of the many cattle grids we had to cross. I wonder if they work for sheeps! Has anyone of you seen a sheep crossing cattle grid?

Tomorrow I will be travelling again. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.


Floral Friday: Reviewing my own work

These pictures were taken two years ago when I got my DSLR. I captured almost every visible flower related object in the garden then. I wanted to share some more funny pictures but I shall not bore you.

I am in photography (as an art) for last three years, in the beginning shooted with my mobile Samsung s3 and a year later got Nikon D3200. Clicking OK sort pictures from Samsung was an achievement in itself. Then with Nikon, one step ahead 😀  In marathi we have an idiom, “adheech ulhas tyat falgun maas”, translation would be like, “good weather added even more to our enthusiasm “. I could relate it to me.

What have I learned apart from being happy in these three years is a real question!